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Subscribe to receive my weekly short story and access have to the website. Never miss an update. My stories range in size from single-sentence microfiction to 3,000 words. I write a lot of science fiction, fantasy and magical realism, but you’ll also find love stories, adventure, thrillers, horror, and literary fiction, a smorgasbord of genres and delights.

Who are you?

I’m an American writer living in Japan. I’ve written over twenty books including Outwitting Squirrels (yes, that’s the book’s actual title), The Binge-Watching Cure, an anthology of stories that start Twitter-sized small and grow longer, to acclimate people back into reading, and No Time to Say Goodbye, a time travel novella. I now spend most of my time writing short stories, which mesh well with readers’ time and temperament.

Are subscriptions free?

All my content is free. You can choose a paid subscription, but you won’t miss any stories if you select the free. Your paid subscription helps support this indie writer, but I don’t want you to miss any stories if you’re unable to pay. In other words, the free and paid subscription tiers receive exactly the same content.

Tell me more

Here are some reader reviews of my short stories:

Great storytelling. I enjoyed immensely. Dare I say, shades of Stephen King.

Amazing story. Couldn't tear myself away. And the ending...chills!

Great short story! We need more like this.

Haven't had a "oh, wow!" moment like that in twenty years.

Loved this. Great writing and what an imagination!

You put The Tell Tale Heart to shame. Edgar Allen Poe would be entertained, I am sure.

I need a whole book from you! These stories are great.

Sublime and magical.

This is an amazing, emotional, mind-expanding journey.

Love me some hard science fiction! This hearkens back to the days of Clarke and Asimov.

An imaginative mix of worlds.

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Bill Adler is an American writer living in Japan. His books have sold over a million copies.